Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never Ever Ever....Link Up!

I'm linking up with Neely for  this super fun link up NEVER EVER EVER...
Things you would NEVER EVER EVER hear me say....

-No, Channing Tatum I will not have sex with you, quit asking!!!

- Nah I'll pass on a that all paid vacation with an open bar!

-I'm trying to cut back on beer!!

-Coffee is gross.

-I've drank too much coffee today.

- Hey kids, stay up all night!!

-No, I don't need a babysitter for the kids tonight! I wanna stay home!

-Mom wants you to eat lots of sugar before bedtime.

-I love cleaning up after all of you.  

-Please don't give me extra money to spend on clothes.  

-I love school.

-I can't wait for the kids to be home allllllll summer long, it's so much fun!

-Sure, mom will make each of you what you want for dinner, that's only 5 different meals. 

- Mom really loves doing your homework..

-I think i'm going to delete my Instagram and Twitter accounts.

-I really don't feel like going to IKEA.. 

Ok, I'll stop because I could just keep going and going...

What a fun link up!!

And that makes 2 posts in 1 day for me..  



  1. Lol!! I love your answers! Channing Tatum, yes please!

  2. Hahaha great answers!

    Erica Dee

  3. I missed that linkup but it does look fun! Estherdavison@gmail.com


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