Thursday, June 5, 2014

Changes Need to be Made..

Happy Thursday loves....

It's seems that even though I've been out of school, I've still been super busy and I hate it.  I've enjoyed all the things that have kept me busy but still I wish I had more time to just slow down and enjoy my life and my family.

It's not  a secret that I lead a busy life, with 5 kids there's really no other choice. I try to involve myself in everything I can but most days I always end up not doing something I really wanted to do with the kids or my husband.

I can't figure out how to stay organized, while being a super mom and wife... plus add in trying to be the other roles I need to be too. I know I'm not alone.  How do you deal with it all??

Parenting fail...
I promised Ella I would start reading Little House on the Prairie with her about a week ago....I haven't read one page.  I also promised that I would work on her school book with her....and I haven't.  Not to mention I haven't played catch with any of the kids.. Lets not even talk about how I haven't started on the flower gardens or vegetable garden.. or that my goal of cleaning one room a day went out the window like after day 2.

Some days I feel like a failure other days I feel like its completely normal that I struggle.

Today I've decided I need to start making some changes....
Since I'm a list person...that's where I'll start.

My lists of lists I need to make....

  1. Things I want to complete. House oriented. 
  2. My healthy lifestyle goals and how I'm going to achieve them.
  3. Daily goals...for example..important things I want to complete daily...example- read to the kids, take the dog for a walk, spend quality time with Tim.
  4. The kids summer goals.
  5. Craft ideas----Pinterest ideas.
That's all I can think of for now.  But I think that's a good start. 

I'm really going to focus on spending time with my family....without interruptions...
I'm also going to focus on not letting things out of my control stress me out... I'm so guilty of this.  I can't control or change everything.  I need to just try to be the best I can no matter what I face in the future.  

I'm a lucky woman...I have a husband that loves me, wonderful healthy kids, and an amazing extended family.  

My plan is to focus each day and not get overwhelmed with what could happen a week or a month from now,  I want my family to have good memories and enjoy their lives.

How do you organize yourself?  How do you slow down and enjoy life?  How do you prioritize your family life and everything else? 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Anniversary Weekend Recap....and a Baby.

Happy Wednesday loves....

Things have been crazy and I'm a blog procrastinator!

Sunday was the hubs and my 5th year anniversary...and he surprised me with a night away.
He took me to a place called Belamere Suites Hotel...its amazing and I would highly suggest it if you live in the Ohio/Michigan area.
We had a pool and jacuzzi in our room...
He also surprised me with my second band for my wedding/engagement rings.

I'm looking for many more years with my sweet hubby...

Other big news....
I'm a new Auntie to my brand new nephew...

 Meet Sullivan Robert....he's super handsome and already loves his Auntie A..

I finally got my lazy ass to the gym yesterday and it felt amazing.....I can't wait to head back today.  My body missed it and I won't lie, my sanity missed it too.

Make sure you stop visit Candra from Camo and Lipstick, she's doing an awesome Runner giveaway with her fave running essentials...

Did you make it to the gym?

Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day Update and Fit Friday!

Happy Friday loves,
It seems as if I've been in blog hiding but I promise I haven't.  I imagined my time when I finally graduated as being glorious and I would have tons of time for all the things I wanted to do.

Memorial Day weekend we went up north to visit my grandparents and dad.....and didn't come home until Tuesday. I decided it was a great idea to get a cold on the Thursday before vacation while trying to pack.  Turns out the cold was a bad sinus infection which required shots in my butt and meds. I won't bring up the fact that the day I needed shots in my booty is the day I forgot to wear panties and I just so happened to have a male nurse doing the injecting.  EFFFFFF!  Oh well nothing he hasn't seen before. Right??  Damn sinus infection and the way it makes your head feel... I was drunk on apparently  to much snot...btw, beer is way better then snot! So the moral of the story is if there's a chance in hell you may go to the Dr's don't be a lazy sick person when you forget your panties take the extra minute and put them on even if bending over with your achy stuffy head causes you a coughing fit and almost passing out from exhaustion.

Back to my vacation update...

The kids are in love with my grandparents horse.... they all took turns riding....

My grandma made me ride too.. I'm deathly afraid of horses.  So for your viewing pleasure...
For full effect of my fear turn on your volume...then you can hear my grandma telling me to relax my butt bones.  Never again will I get on a horse, unless my grandma tells me too!

Stop laughing and read on!

 We shopped alittle, had our annually eating contest for the boys, and went to the beach.

 My 12 year old son Austin won the eating contest... he beat out his big bro Zach and Dad.

Lake Michigan is beautiful!

My hubby marched in the Memorial Day parade with my grandpa again this year. It was so wonderful watching them march together.

Aren't they so handsome?

Two of my favorite men in the world.  Of course if my dad and brother were in the picture then I'd have all my fave dudes in the same place.

 My grandma with the handsome guys..


After all of the festivities we hit the hot tub...
My poor dad was a jungle gym!

I did a little corn planting with my grandpa...just like the good ole days.

Played games on the log cabin porch...

My favorite place in the world.  So many memories made here and so many more to be made!

Ella may be a little tuckered out!

 We had a wonderful time up north and as always was sad to go home.

Warning......This is the never ending post..

Today I'm linking up with Aubrey Leigh for Fitness Friday.

Well I have a confession,

I've ate like shit! I'm ok with it because I was on vacation and I know I will get back on track.  Since I've been sick I've slacked in the working out department too.  The good news is I think I'll be able to head to the gym.

I'm afraid to weigh myself. I need to put my big girl panties on...and just deal with it.

This next week I'm going to focus on eating better and logging my food in MFP.  I would like to work out at least 5 days, 3 of those workouts to be at the gym and hardcore.

So that's the plan I just have to follow through...which is the hardest part.  I know I'm not happy where I'm at, not to mention how much better I feel when I'm on track.

Thank you Aubrey Leigh for holding me accountable!

Well finally that's it for me...sorry I kept you here forever..

Have a great weekend...Tim and my 5 year anniversary is this Sunday.

How are you going to stay on track this next week?


Friday, May 23, 2014

Vacation...Yes Please!

It's Friday bitches!! Bring on Memorial Day weekend.  I love long weekends.
My day will be spent packing for my huge family and trying not to forget anything...I will it never fails. 

These last three days I've been hitting the gym pretty hard and I'm sad that I won't make it today or the next few days.  But I'll be back on track next week.

Another super exciting thing about this weekend...

If you don't know who this fantastic lady that's my boo is then you better go creep on her for a minute and if you know her then go wish her luck, not that she needs any. I have to remind her on a daily basis that she is indeed a RUNNER.  She's been training non-stop for this half and has actually signed up for one more in the Fall that I know of right now.  One of the bad things about meeting your soul mate on the inter webs is not being there to hug, high five, kiss, or get drunk with them when it's needed.  I know its just not me when I say, I really wish I could be there to cheer her on Sunday in person!!  But I'll tell ya one thing, I will def be cheering her on many miles away.  So Candra...please don't forget that we love you and we are  with you cheering you on!!  

More big news....I feel like a reporter...but not really!
Two of my main ladies Jasmine from Fleurty and Fit and Val from Fab Chick Gets Fit is hosting awesome giveaway.. make sure you stop in and enter!

Jasmine loves me so much she named one of her Fleurty Bands after me... 

Don't be jealous... jealous...but get over it and go buy some Fleurty Bands.  They are cute and stay on your noggin, even while working out!

I hope you all have a great weekend...drink a little, eat a little and relax!

What are you plans this weekend?  Cookout?  Vaca?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

PureLYFT and Shopping.

Good morning loves....
Wow, am I feeling so lazy these last few days.  I'm enjoying my free time though. I've been reading and working out which is both fantastic.  I'm loving my gym membership...heading there this morning.  I've also been shopping for some new workout and summer clothes.

I love the fact that I'm not hating the way I look when I try clothes on, I'm still not where I wanna be but I'm a lot closer than I used to be.

A few new things I've introduced into my wardrobe lately is COLOR and pattern!!!  I'm a black and grey kinda girl...I have my eye on a pair of aqua skinny jeans from AE...I'm thinking I need them in my life next!

 Another new thing I've tried for my workouts lately is ...PureLYFT Clean Caffeine
 I love that it gives me that extra boast without making me jittering especially for morning workouts.
Thank you to PureLyft for the opportunity to try such a great product!
Go get you some!

We are heading out of town this weekend to go see my dad and grandparents for memorial day weekend, I'm so excited for the mini vacation.  It's a great place to just relax. Stay tuned for all of the pictures because you know there will be a ton. 

On another spending money note... I'm still trying to find an awesome excuse to order this amazing calendar.  I've had it sitting in my etsy cart for about 2 weeks.  Tough choices..

What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend? 
Do you use a calendar?
Have you been summer clothes shopping?