Friday, April 18, 2014

Feature Friday and Fitness Giveaway.

Happy Friday loves,
No vlog for you today because I want to introduce you to  4 more amazing women that helped me make the Get Fit for Summer Giveaway possible.

Aubrey Leigh from ALG Uninterrupted
Aubrey Leigh is working mom and wife that makes time to take care of herself.  Everyday she focuses on eating healthy and exercising even though that means waking up for the 5am so she can get her workouts in.  All of her hard work has really paid off. I loved AL the minute I started following her, she's motivating and supportive to others that are also trying to adjust to a healthy lifestyle.  We talk via text everyday with a few other ladies to help each other stay accountable.  Literally somedays we smack donuts out of each others face!  We share our triumphs and fails with each other, women supporting women is what its all about...
Aubrey Leigh says....
Hi, I'm Aubrey Leigh and I have been on a diet since the early 90's.  No lie.  I started packing on the pounds around age 12.  My relationship with junk food started when I would come home from school, alone, and eat until my parents got there. 
I am now 34, a mom, wife, and full time profesh.  And even as I type this I want to go snuggle with a bag of Doritos and powdered donuts.

I realized somewhere between my first and second child, when I had gained exactly 100 lbs. from the time I met my Husband, that I had to end this craziness. 
I started my blog in August of 2013, about 8 weeks after having my second son, to hold myself accountable to the world for my goals to be a fit mom and wife.  I want to model good behavior for my children.  And I love meeting new people on the OMGINTERNET and growing my network of friends and supporters. 
I'm currently doing Weight Watchers, down 28 lbs., and incorporating as much weight training and as little cardio as I can to get the job done.  I run some, do elliptical some, lift, and complain.  Feel free to ask me any questions! 

Desiree from Macke Monologues
Desiree is a Cali girl, she has a beautiful family that she spends all her time with and blogs about.  Her little dude, Marcus is adorable and you can sure tell by his smiles he loves his mama.  Not only is Desiree a runner but she makes sure her whole family is active, they are always hiking and walking.  She has constantly cheered me on during my journey of trying to get healthy by offering encouraging she's a lover of coffee and wine, which makes her my soul mate!

Crystal Michelle from Crystal Michelle's Mess
I was paired up with Crystal for a blogger swap.. It didn't take long for me to realize what an amazing person she was.  She's a photographer, mom of 3, wife to the love of her life, nursing student  and a fitness buff.  I loved getting to know her because we had a lot in common which included a crazy schedule. Crystal posts motivating pictures on her IG and blog about the variety of exercises, her latest is flirty girl hip-hop.

Crystal Michelle says....
 Almost a year ago I was taking care of my dad full time, I remember HATING to go over there some days and would cringe on picking up the phone for fear of him needing something. I hated watching him die…. I hated it, when I would leave I would think of the lake, him playing me a song, us joking, being his little girl and riding with him everywhere, late night Jack in The Box Cheesecake or the funny parts that happened that day.. I would wash away the 16 medications, breathing treatments and the days where he simply talked to me no better than a 4 year old for loss of oxygen to his brain for to long, the showers that made him feel less of a man that I would try to joke through to get us both through it and the days where I was afraid to walk in because he was just laying to still…. my husband was out of town 5 days out of 7 we had no relationship whats so ever, but I was so busy I never knew…. I was a photographer & new business owner, mom of three kids, Dance, Football and normal house hold duties and a pretty shitty sister, daughter and friend. I know all this now but I was oblivious to any of these things back then.
This has a point.
With all of this being said I feel as if I lost me.. All of me I was depressed and I didn’t even know it. I became this person, that just was going through the motions of everyday life, trying to cram it all in and stay afloat. I didn’t care about me. but wait when have I really ever cared about me?
I haven’t.
Taking care of my father was the worst thing I have ever had to do in my life, but in the same breath the most breath takingly beautiful thing I have ever done in my life. I have said it before but I will say it again, God knows me and knows my heart… he knew that when I lost that man that I would be lost.. he knew that if he took him from me he would have to make me see why he had to come home, and he did.. ( this has a point) I learned more than I could have ever imagined in this time that at one time seemed like such a long time, but in reality looking back it was only a brief moment to me I wish I could have back. I learned that the strong fall, that the decisions of your youth WILL affect your future, that time was precious, that family was precious, that when we are so busy growing up that our parents are growing old, how important savings is and insurance, how God is gracious even when we don’t see it fair, and I learned that I NEVER want to put my kids through what I was going through ever…………. It was good for me, but it was time to take a step back and take care of me, because with out taking care of me that means they will have to do the dirty work or put me up in a stinky old home ( which FYI I am SOOOOOOOO glad that I fought tooth & nail to NEVER do to my dad)
Okay here is the point
I was finally done….. I woke up. I got mad… yup that is what happened… I was mad… so mad…. why was he taken, why has this life been so hard, why do people do drugs, why can’t my mom walk well, why why why why.. and well I dont do drugs and never have so… it was either go in to depression ( which I did for a while…) Or kick ass…. I started talking to people, going to the gym, stopped taking stupid diet pills, and starving myself ( which totally used to work by the way hahaha) I was tired of hearing " are youpregnant?" because I am so tall my legs are slim and I hold all my weight in my stomach. I teamed up with Amy… I dont really know if she will fully understand what she has done for me, pushing me when she didn’t even realize it or letting me talk or vent or bitch or sharing what she is eating or giving me that look of is that what your eating.. but more than that more than anything negative she has been so positive…. even when I wasn't even if she had to lie to tell me that I looked skinnier or I was a bad ass in spin or rpm.. even if she had to fake it it worked. I started talking to people who WERE fit.. who did eat right what worked for them and I stopped reading bullshit of what to do and what not to do.. I just took everyone’s info and crammed it all together to make my own.
I am NOT the best roll model by any means… just FYI but I am trying

Sami from Simply Sami
 Sami is a working mama and wife that loves to run..  She is a beach body coach and love to help others meet their goals.  I've watched Sami transform into who she is today.  She works hard it and gives others motivation by charing her story.

I hope your enjoying getting to know these ladies, they are all pretty amazing.  Monday I will have some more to share with you.  So make sure you check back..

Has everyone heard from their Swag Swap partners?  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.  We want this to be a wonderful experience for all.  Remember packages are due to go out by May 1st.   

Well lets get this weekend started. Whats your plans for Easter?  Easter basket ideas you wanna share with me?  I'm heading out in a bit to finish my shopping....its never ending!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Four Feature Thursday....and Get Fit for Summer Giveaway...

Happy Thursday loves...
I hope everyone is getting sign up for the best giveaway ever!!
Get Fit for Summer Giveaway

I wanted to take the opportunity and feature a few of the bloggers daily that are helping me host this huge fitness giveaway for you, they are all very near and dear to my heart.  They give me daily inspiration and help me meet my goals..  So here are their fitness stories.

Jasmine from Fleurty and Fit
First off....This girl is amazing...I love seeing her progress photos on IG, she's killing it.  Also, she's handy dandy and makes headbands. Needless to say I'm addicted to them and her!!

I've always seen myself as overweight, even when I wasn't. I look back at photos from high school at around 125-130 pounds and want to scream for thinking I was anywhere near fat.  My weight crept on in college. I was less active, going out drinking more, and eating crap in the food court or fast food. As nursing school got harder, I did nothing but eat and study. I don't think it really hit me how much I had gained until I joined Weight Watchers for the first time after Nursing School and I weighed in at about 190.  I was newly married, working night shift, no kids, so it was easy to lose weight that time. I lost about 50 pounds by eating Boca Burgers, green beans, and mall walking every morning with my mom and I had finally gotten down to my goal weight (140) and I was so happy. Not for long…enter baby #1. Four years later, baby #2.   Pregnancy was my excuse to eat ALL THE FRIED THINGS! I gained so much weight with both pregnancies--I don't even remember exactly how much, but I know I was in the 200s.
Then my life was not my own anymore. I became a mom and a wife, and everyone else's needs came before my own. And I think that is how most mom's feel--taking a back burner to just get things done, and make everyone else happy. I have been a nurse for 14 years, and I have always struggled with feeling like a hypocrite for telling others how to eat healthy and lose weight, to avoid heart disease and diabetes, when I am overweight myself. (hearing in my head: Why should we listen to her?)
So what changed? I was tired of squeezing into my size 18s. I was starting to see how I felt about myself was affecting my relationship (bow-chica-bow-wow)with my husband (and he doesn't deserve that). My kids are a little older, and more self-sufficient. Pinterest was born. 
While searching for recipes or exercise tips, my new obsession with Pinterest led me to a blog --someone talking about how they lost weight, gave tips, and showed some great before and after pictures. From that girl, I found another, and another, and another, until I was inspired and I decided I wanted to be that girl. After about a year of reading so many inspiring blogs about weight loss and transformations, I decided I wanted to be the person who helps others by being brave enough to put herself out there and change her body.  When I started this blog in January, I just wanted to have a place to document the journey I was about to start. I wanted to have a place to look back on and see how far I'd come. I wanted an outlet to write out my feelings. I could've kept it all to myself. But who is that helping? Definitely not me--I've been keeping all these feelings to myself for years--and that's only gotten me one thing--a wide ass and a muffin top.

What else changed? I began making myself a priority, and I am blessed that I have a family that supports me. I started to make exercise a priority, and change the way I eat. If it means I make two separate meals, that’s what I do. I cut out carbs for about 3 months, and lost 20 pounds. Just this week, I started to eat clean.  I am currently sitting at 195--that's 22 pounds lost since I started this blog.   I still have a long way to go, but seeing my progress,  helping other people, and making new friends on the world wide web makes it all worth it. 
My name is Adie from over at  I am one of four girls who have enjoyed taking time to help and support others as they try to navigate their way through the health and fitness world.  I am a former college and professional athlete, and current kindergarten teacher & fitness consultant.  I enjoy motivating others to find the drive to be the best they can be in their lives each day – to give it their all and nothing more.  
My fitness story starts back when I was in college. When I left for college, I played softball at SIUC with two of my three sisters. I was always in good shape due to playing softball and basketball in high school, and that followed me through college as well. I was at my smallest in college while being put through the gruesome workouts and playing so much ball. After my four years of ball, I went back for my fifth year and student teaching, staying in great shape and probably being even a bit thinner than when I played.  Fast forward to December of 2004, when Haley and I signed to go play professional softball for the Chicago Bandits. Yeah!

Adie from Four Fit Sisters
I met Adie through Candra....when we decided to join Adie's 30 day challenge or rather I should say Candra wanted to join and made me join with her.  Best thing I could've have possibly done.  Adie help me with my clean eating.. If you're looking for someone to help you stay driven and focused, makes sure you visit her blog and see when her next challenge is going on.

When I arrived in Chicago we started practice and everything was going great. During our first game’s warm up, I dove for the ball and something popped in my knee – bummer.  I had to have knee surgery bringing my activity level to a sudden halt.
During the rehab process, I definitely felt my body changing.  I am not a person that can sit still and maintain weight.  I feel like this is when I stopped being happy with my body.  
Fast forward getting married and having two kids. Throughout all of this, I just never felt like myself again. I worked out HARD and always had. I’d run, I’d lift weights, cardio – everything you should do.  My hubby trains athletes for a living, my basement is full of equipment and DVDs and treadmills and I have no excuse not to work out. If I miss a day or two of working out, I feel guilty. So I struggled with putting in so much work and not seeing results. Even gotten my thyroid tested and tried supplements and other hard core diets, without success. Add in having three beautiful sisters, who have also had kids of their own and had much more success, it was difficult. Although I am super proud and happy for them, my struggle with not being able to understand or wrap my brain around my difficulties has been trying at times, but I keep pushing on.
I have always eaten pretty healthy – watching what I eat always, splurging a bit on weekends and during celebrations, but always keeping a pretty good watch on what I shovel in to my mouth. My sisters and son have recently been diagnosed with Celiac and this has changed our diet even further. We are strictly gluten free and have learned a lot about trigger foods that cause inflammation for people, and work extensively on this with our challengers.  This has been a great learning experience for me and my sisters and so may have benefited from our research and experiences.  We are overall very healthy. I maintain my weight very easily, but really struggle losing weight.
In July of last year I joined a 30 day challenge with my older sister, Marta.  She kept me accountable and inspired me to not only help myself, but to start helping others as well.  It really made me see the impact of a support system and accountability group.  It was the first great gains I had seen in a long time.  I became a fitness consultant in July of 2013 and have never looked back.  
Before my 30 day challenge, I had no problem with the amount I saw when I look at the scale, I just was not happy with what my body looked like. I weighed 145-155 in college and looked great. I was only at 160 compared to that, but have a completely different body. It is amazing what children will do to you.  The number on the scale literally means nothing to me. It’s all about how you feel both with and without my clothes on…and I am finally to the point where I am super proud of what I see in the mirror.  
During my 30 day challenge, I lost 6 pounds and 15 ½ inches.  I am a work in progress and continue to learn and grow my knowledge and my challenges so that I can not only help myself, but help my challengers.   I have lost many more inches, although my weight stays pretty consistent.   I am most proud of the ability to do this in a healthy way that is important in maintenance.  We work hard on making life long changes so that challengers can continue the habits long after our 30 days are up.  
For this giveaway, I have donated an entry into my next 30 day challenge.  I have had great success helping others, and I hope that the winner gets to put all of these amazing items together to create a healthy and successful movement towards greater health and fitness.  
You can read about my journey here, on our Four Fit Sisters blog too!

I met Trista when I first started blogging. She's a sweetheart and pretty awesome. Trista is a great mom and still does an amazing job taking care of herself and getting healthy.. Make sure you stop by and say "hi"
My fitness story. What a roller coaster ride!! I've been working at a better me for 2 years now. I've battled through sickness, anxiety, anxiety about my sicknesses, and a serious addiction to sodas (Pepsi for the most part), and a serious aversion to working out. 

With all that said, I've managed to lose 15 lbs and almost completely kick my soda habit. 

I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be, but I am working hard to become a more perfect version of me. Follow my blog and join me on this journey! 

Candra is a super mom, fitness beast, yoga queen, wonderful friend and she claims to be an awesome wife... I'm sure she probably is.  I met Candra through blogging a few months ago and we just clicked.  She loves to eat clean and try new recipes to make it more exciting.  She's famous for her upside down (yoga)  and goofy pictures on IG.  This girl is determined to be the best person she can be from her personal life to her blogging/fitness life.  Truly an amazing woman.  Plus I can text her when I want a cupcake and she listens to me! 

I'm going to be honest. I feel like a fake most of the time. I have never been super overweight, or extremely unhealthy. I'm short (a little under 5 foot) which makes me look small regardless. Because of this I have always been nervous to join any sort of support group in fear that people would call me out, or I would get the usual "Why do you want to lose weight you are tiny". I am married with two kids and I am currently at my highest weight (well when I started). I have ran in the past and still currently run. Even when I run races I'm always nervous someone is going to spot me and figure out I'm not a real runner... eek. Crazy I know. 
Honestly I don't even know how to tell my "fitness story" because I don't feel like I have one. Maybe that's why I put this off for so long!
I'm a mom, a wife, I work what I consider full time. I want to make time for myself, and treat food as fuel.
My dad recently passed away from his battle with cancer, and it taught me how important it is to appreciate your ability to be active when so many people cant.
So that's what I'm doing.

So there ya have it four of the 18 amazing bloggers that made this giveaway happen for you...I may not know them all on a best friend status but I'm super excited to get to know them even better in the future.  If you need motivation and inspiration, make sure you follow all four of these ladies...
Tune in tomorrow for the next four features.....In the mean time go enter the giveaway!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Get Fit for Summer Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday loves.....

I've got something big for you today.  I teamed up with 17 amazing bloggers who love fitness to help one lucky person with their fitness goals...How awesome is that??
Check out all of the goodies you could win....

As most of you know I've been concentrating on maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes clean eating (85%-90% of the time) and working out....I've had some great results just by taking better care of myself and watching what I put in my body.  So fitness has really been on my mind...when I contacted all of these ladies about doing a giveaway, they jumped on the bandwagon, which amazed me to have 18 bloggers come together and work together to make someone happy and healthy too.  Seriously this little blogging community that we have freaking rocks! 
So thank you ladies for helping make this giveaway everything it is.

Make sure you stop in and visit all these amazing ladies that want to help you GET FIT FOR SUMMER!

Alicia from Brew Mama Umm yea, hi thats me!!

Each day I'm going to feature 4 of these wonderful bloggers and tell you a little bit about them so make sure you check back on Thursday!

I will warn you...there are a ton of ways to enter the giveaway, you can do as many or as little as you like. But remember the more you do the better the chance to win!
So what ya waiting for??? Go Enter!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, April 14, 2014

Progress Not Perfection

Happy Monday Bitches!!

Not to much going on in my little world except the same old same.  Couldn't get my ass out of bed this morning but given the fact I didn't get to bed until 1:30 am, I guess I know why 5am club sounded ridiculous.

I'm teaming up with 17 other blogging chicks and we are putting together an awesome GET FIT FOR SUMMER will be up on Wednesday!!

The weather was wonderful this weekend, it was a little too windy but I'll still take it.

Sunday was my 6 week weigh in.....
In the last 2 weeks I've lost 2.8 lbs and 2 3/4 inches.
Not a huge loss but I'll take it.
I don't see a ton a difference in my pictures but I still thought I'd share.
Left was 3-30 and right is 4-13

Left was 3-30 and right is 4-13

Left was 3-30 and right is 4-13
My eating has been perfect, I eat clean about 85% of the time and I've been drinking water and only water. I need to step up my workouts and hopefully that will make a difference.
I'm trying to remember that its progress and not perfection... the struggle is real!!

Weekly clarify I will drink 100 oz of water a day!

I was super excited on Friday when I went jeans shopping and I'm down 2 sizes....My booty can fit into a size 8 now... which is amazing! 

I'm aware I still have a lot of work ahead of me but I'm going to keep trucking on. 

Thank you to all of you who support me and keep me know who you are. If you need support and someone to hold you accountability don't hesitate to email me!! 

Have a great day peeps!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Vlogging Friday of Blabber!!

Finally a Vlog....

My husband wishes!!

Happy Friday Bitches! AND don't forget Follow Through Friday with these hotties!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Random Facts about Muah....

28 Random factoids about muah you could probably care less about....but here they are anyway.

  1. I need coffee and quiet to start my day. I am NOT a morning person. 
  2. I take a lot of selfies...not sure why but its what I do...AND  I do it a lot! Doing it and doing it and doing it well. Actually I love to take pictures of everything not just myself!
  3. I love post it notes and legal pads. I kinda have an issue....
  4. I'm addicted to Apple products...This girl has a Macbook pro, iPad mini and iPhone 5.
  5. I love to bake...that's why I'm always making cupcakes and cookies for the kids. 
  6. My favorite color is black. second is gray, you get where I'm going with this?
  7. I have 5 kids... I bet you already knew that. 
  8. I have a planner obsession.. I like to write crap down...what I've done and what I need to do. 
  9. I love the beach... I could spend everyday there. 
  10. I'm a country girl...I love four wheeling and cows, hell I'll even climb a tree. 
  11. I've always wanted a Siberian Husky...last year my husband bought me one for my birthday. 
  12. I'm a Psychology major and will be graduating in May. Woot Woot
  13. I have mommy guilt, wife guilt, daughter guilt and sister guilt. Oh, lets not forget school guilt.  Yes, I have a lot of guilt.  
  14. I actually love working out...I'd love to focus more on lifting weights.  Can someone buy me a weight bench and weights?
  15. I love rap music, especially the oldies like Ice Cube, Tupac, Dr Dre, 50 cent.....and when New Edition, Boys to Men  or 112 come can bet I will probably know all of the words of their songs and I will sing along whether you want me too or not! Sorry not sorry!
  16. Regardless of the fact that I'm currently on a beer break, beer is still my drink of choice.  My favorite is a Vanilla Java Porter by Atwater. 
  17.  My perfect summer night would be on my patio with a cold beer and my fire pit, relaxing with my husband!
  18. I Ikea and wish my whole house was furnished with it, every last inch of it!
  19. Sex in the City is my favorite TV show... I could watch it over and over again. 
  20. I'm in love with......Sylvester Stallone since ....well forever.  I know he's old but give him a set of boxing gloves, bandanna or a gun....equals perfect!

  21. My dream house is a log cabin like my grandparents.  Their house is my absolutely favorite place in the world.
  22. Remember Hootie and the Blowfish?  When they were huge and I thought they were amazing.. I was about 18, they showed up at a bar I was at and did a free concert. I may have been stalking them and I knew they were playing an outside concert  next to that same bar the following night.   I thought I was cool shit, turns out I'm not. 
  23. My favorite candy bar WAS Heath.
  24. My favorite food WAS pizza...
  25. I live in the house I grew up in.
  26. I'm addicted to Coach purses.                  
  27. My husband and I love to go to different Breweries, its our thing and it works.  

     28. I love spending time with my family.
Well clearly thats enough about me and all my weirdness, I figured it was about time for me to post something non-fitness related. But I had my polar on the whole time I typed this, sadly I didn't burn any calories.  OK moving on....

I'm teaming up with my blog wives Val from Fab Chick Gets FitCandra from Camo and Lipstick and  Aubrey Leigh from AlG Uninterrupted, for #100HappyDays on Instagram. So make sure you stalk us and be on the look out of for what makes us HAPPY on the daily and if you want to join the fun use #blogwives100happydays and so we can see what makes you happy for the next 100 days and make sure you sign up here.

Also don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to sign up for Candra and my Swag Swap....

Have a great Wednesday loves....